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Whole Stalagmite Option (shown with horizontal drill assembly)
Stalagmite Base Plate with multiple positioning holes (replaces rotation stage)
Heavy Duty 670 mm Aluminum Optical Rail mounted to stalagmite base plate (clamps not shown)
Irregular samples are easily clamped in place and quickly moved to allow sampling at desired location on stalagmite. Clamps can accommodate samples up to 2 inches thick.
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Microsampler Ultralok®Sample Clamping System

Spring-loaded, low profile clamps accommodate all sizes of glass slides and allow light transmission while holding slides firmly in place without glass breakage.
Tilting and 360°Rotating Eyepiece Assembly accommodates a range of user sizes (both inter-ocular distance and torso lengths) and avoids fatigue while always having parfocality.
  • Fully Adjustable Drill and Sample Assemblies
  • •Adjustable Drill Assembly to position drill over any size sample
  • •Indexing Horizontal Drill Assembly
  • •Indexing drill head to permit a range of angles and positions. Uses small friction fit bits and burs.
  • •Indexing Vertical Drill Assembly (not shown)
  • •Indexing Stage Mount to Accommodate samples of different sample thicknesses.
  • •Rotation stage allow 360 rotation of sample and rapid locking and transmitted light microscopy using fiber optic backlight assembly.